Monday, August 16, 2010

Peter Facinelli Auctions Lunch for Charity

Peter Facinelli is auctioning a lunch with himself with all proceeds going to The Onyx and Breezy Foundation, which is a foundation for the welfare of animals.

The Foundation was formed in 2004 by Mark and Wanda Shefts to honor the memory of their two labrador retrievers. The Shefts’ passion for animals led them to create this non-profit foundation, which assists animals in a variety of ways. The foundation lends financial support to:

· Funding of equipment for medical facilities
· Funding for much needed research
· Medical treatment for animals where hardship is present
· Funding of organizations that benefit animals
· Other endeavors that benefit the welfare of animals

100% of your contributions to the Foundation will be directed to fulfill the goals of the Foundation which utilizes only volunteer staff.

Source: TwilightMOMS

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