Monday, January 11, 2010

What is Kelly reading on her bus journey to work?

I have to tell you about the new James Patterson book I have just finished reading, Witch & Wizard;


Imagine you wake up and the world around you-life as you know it-has changed in an instant. That's what has happened to Whit Allgood and his sister, Whisty. They went to sleep as normal teenagers, and woke up as wanted criminals. Accused of holding incredible powers they'd never dreamed possible. And now, just how different they are-special, even-if just beginning to be revealed in a strange new world.


I looooooved this book, it was so much fun. The main characters (Whisty and Whit Allgood) are great and they really suck you into the story. This is the first book of what looks like a classic Patterson series which fans of Maximum Ride will enjoy.

Download the first 20 chapters of the book free from the Witch & Wizard web site.

Happy reading ~ Kelly

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