Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What is Kelly reading on her bus journey to work?

I have to say that I just started reading The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) two days ago and I am already half way through the book. I am addicted!!! This is a book that you will all love.

Twelve-year-old Percy Jackson is about to be kicked out of boarding school . . . again. No matter how hard he tries, he can't seem to stay out of trouble. But can he really be expected to stand by and watch while a bully picks on his scrawny best friend? Or not defend himself against his pre-algebra teacher when she turns into a monster and tries to kill him? Of course, no one believes Percy about the monster incident; he's not even sure he believes himself..... continue reading

A major movie is also due to be released in February so make sure you read the book first! Check out the movie trailer

Move over Jasper, Jace and Daniel, there is a new boy in town.

Happy Reading ~ Kelly

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  1. Kelly i'm on book three and the addiction does not go away.
    Jeni (UGS)